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Our boozy Bourbon Eggnog recipe is both decadently delicious and ridiculously easy to make for just two people. In other words, the boozy Eggnog is an ideal cocktail if you want to celebrate the.

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Seelbach The Seelbach comes with one of the best cocktail party tales: hailing from the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, the drink took a nearly 80-year hiatus. Most likely a consequence of.

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In a pitcher, combine 2.5 cups of bourbon, 5 ounces of orange juice, and 2.5 cups of cranberry juice. Stir, cover, and place in the fridge until you are ready to serve. Once you are ready to serve, pour 6.5 ounces into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass filled with ice.

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28. Cranberry Orange Bourbon Smash. Cranberry Orange Bourbon Smash is a fun twist on a classic cocktail. It features cranberry sauce, fresh squeezed lemon and orange juice, bourbon, and fresh mint. Use up your leftover cranberry sauce during the holidays or enjoy this delightful drink all year round.

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Step 1: Make the cranberry simple syrup. Add all of the ingredients to a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Step 2: Cook until cranberries are soft, about 10-15 minutes. Let the syrup cool then drain through a mesh strainer. Step 3: In a mixing glass or cocktail shaker, add all of the ingredients and some ice.

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Add honey and water to a small pan and bring to a simmer. Stir and remove from heat. Add ice to cocktail glasses. Add 2 ounces of bourbon, 2 ounces of orange juice, 1 ounce of pomegranate juice, 1 ounce of honey simple syrup to each glass. Top with orange soda water and stir. Garnish with pomegranate seeds, an orange slice and rosemary.

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Christmas Kentucky Buck. The Christmas Kentucky Buck is a fun rendition of the beloved vodka, ginger, and fruit flavor combination. For the best version of this yummy cocktail use Kentucky Straight Bourbon. If you make the ginger syrup in advance, this should be an easy drink to prepare at a party.

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Toasty Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail. You are only 5 ingredients away from your next go-to fall cocktail! This Toasty Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail is warm, full of flavors, and completely satisfying. The subtle sweetness of apples, a hint of tart from cranberries, and the warmth from cinnamon and bourbon make this one for the books.

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Place the bourbon, sweet vermouth, orange juice, unsweetened cranberry juice, and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Fill it with ice and shake until cold. Strain the drink into an ice-filled lowball glass. If desired, garnish with fresh or frozen cranberries and rosemary sprigs.

The 21 Best Ideas for Bourbon Christmas Drinks Most Popular Ideas of

In a cocktail glass, combine bourbon, orange liquor, maple syrup, cinnamon sugar, and apple cider. Top with ice and stir. Strain mixture into cocktail glass rimmed with cinnamon sugar. Add apple slices. Lightly toast entire cinnamon stick and put into glass. Toast top of cinnamon stick and the spring of rosemary. Serve.

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Go to Recipe. 4. Bourbon Milk Punch. Bourbon, milk, vanilla, and simple syrup are all you need for the best Christmas cocktail. The whole milk brings a creamy contrast to the warm oak and caramel notes of bourbon. It has a rich, smooth flavor with a kick of alcohol that'll make you feel warm and fuzzy.

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In a cocktail shaker, add bourbon, maple syrup, lemon juice, cinnamon liqueur, cinnamon bitters, and egg white. Dry shake for approximately 45 seconds to mix ingredients and create a froth. Add ice to shaker. Shake to chill. Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

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To make one, add 1.5 oz bourbon, 1 oz sweet vermouth, 2 oz orange juice, 1 oz unsweetened cranberry juice, and 1 oz simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Fill it with ice and shake until cold. Fine strain into a serving glass over fresh ice, and garnish with sugared cranberries and a rosemary sprig if preferred. 22.

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1 Apple Cider Cocktail. 2 Chai-Cranberry Bourbon Smash. 3 Luscious Bourbon Hot Chocolate. 4 The Scofflaw. 5 Iced Bourbon Salted Caramel Latte. 6 Bourbon Moscow Mule. 7 Apple Cider Old Fashioned. 8 Cranberry Christmas Old Fashioned. 9 Easy Bourbon Eggnog.

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Blend the eggs for 1 minute in either a mixer fitted with a whip attachment or a blender. Add sugar and spices and blend for an additional 30 seconds to incorporate. Slowly add the liquors, blend another 30 seconds. Add the milk and cream and blend 1 minute more. Cover and refrigerate before serving.

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The Bourbon Cider Cocktail is a must-try for anyone looking for a warm holiday bourbon cocktail that is easy to make and tastes amazing. View Recipe. 16. Bourbon Smash Cocktail. The Bourbon Smash Cocktail is a seasonal twist on the classic whiskey smash recipe. This cocktail is a perfect blend of rich, rustic flavors that are strong but.