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At Drizly, you'll find a great collection of Mexican Tequila from top brands that you can have delivered to your door. Skip to main content Accessibility Help. Party's over: We're closing in March 2024. More info. Farewell Drizly; Corporate;. Mexican Tequila (3,545 results) Sort by: Featured. Ad.

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Region: Jalisco, Mexico | ABV: 45.7% | Tasting Notes: Cinnamon, Olive, Brine This tequila is a cult favorite among experts, as Yana Volfson, the beverage manager at Cosme and ATLA restaurants in New York, calls it "beautiful." Enrique Fuenteseca, the farmer and distiller behind the bottle, chooses the ripest agave in his own estate, subjects the piñas to the autoclave-and-roller mill.

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Mexican-American PGA golfer Abraham Ancer and Mexican entrepreneur Aron Marquez cemented their friendship and love for Mexican culture by founding Flecha Azul, a premium tequila brand with five.

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Costa Tequila. This tequila launched in 2019, and is made from a "Hi/Lo" blend of agave grown in the Highlands and the Lowlands of Jalisco. According to the brand, each brings different unique.

15 Best Sipping Tequilas Top Tequila Bottles & Brands to Try in 2018

Best Splurge Blanco Tequila: Loco Puro Corazón. Best Single Estate Blanco Tequila: Ocho Plata Puntas 2023. Best Celebrity Blanco Tequila: Flecha Azul. Best High Proof Blanco Tequila: Pasote.

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Tromba Tequila Blanco (about $40 for a 750-mL bottle at the time of publication): Made in the iron-rich soil of Los Altos, Tromba is a delightful option for folks looking for a sprightly, light.

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Best Mexican Tequila: Top 10 Tequila Brands. Best Mexican Tequila: Top 10 Tequila Brands Charles-Philippe 2022-01-07T02:35:39-05:00. Tequila isn't just another cocktail ingredient. In fact, tequila is an incredibly diverse alcoholic spirit with a rich heritage and fascinating production process!

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Hornitos Plata is a high-quality tequila made with 100% roasted agave (blue agave), and this Mexico tequila has a crystal clear appearance and rich agave flavor. Hornitos Plata has a fruity, herbal, floral aroma and tastes with light citrus notes. In addition, the finish is short but smooth.

How To Choose The Best Mexican Tequila Tour By Mexico

Best Mexican Tequilas What is the best Mexican tequila? In this guide, you will discover the top 100 best Mexican tequila brands. Tequila is an incredibly diverse alcoholic spirit with a rich heritage and fascinating production process. Sure, many tequilas are best enjoyed as an ingredient in a cocktail, but more and more beautiful sipping tequilas have come on the scene, from extra añejos to.

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San Matias is a Mexican-owned tequila brand known for perfecting Blanco tequila and Reposado. For more than 136 years, the brand has continuously operated and uses copper pots for distillation. 12. Tequila La Malinche. Tequila La Malinche has a rich history, tradition, and process for over 70 years.

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If you love tequila, you should try these 13 best Mexican-owned brands that capture the authentic flavor and heritage of Mexico's national spirit. From small-batch distilleries to iconic names, you will discover the diversity and quality of tequila made by Mexican producers. Whether you prefer blanco, reposado, or añejo, you will find your perfect match on this list.

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Best Tequila for Special Occasions: Patrón Añejo; Best Tequila for Sipping Neat: Don Julio 70 Cristalino Tequila; Best Tequila for Shots: Cutwater Blanco Tequila; Best Flavored Tequila: 21Seeds.

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Gran Centenario. Made from 100% blue agave, all of Gran Centenario's tequilas spend some time in oak—even the blanco—for a signature touch meant to impart a smooth texture and an air of.

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Quick Description: Sierra is an original Mexican tequila from a four-generation family of tequileros. Storywood. Average Price: Around $73.67. Quick Description: It is made from the finest agave liquid and is one of the award-winning tequila brands in the market today. Tapatio. Average Price: Around $59.99

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This relatively new Mexican-owned tequila brand is socially conscious and has programs to support agave growers in Jalisco. They source their agave azul from small growers, supporting the local farming industry. Additionally, tequila lovers give this brand good reviews. It is bound to become a staple of hipster bars worldwide. 3. Tequila San Matias

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Cierto recently became the first tequila brand to surpass 850 international medals and awards, making it "The Most Awarded Tequila in History." Learn more at