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This spacious under-stair basement bar from Envi Interior Design includes wall-to-wall storage drawers, cabinets, and a glass-front fridge for beverages that anchors the niche. A patterned tile backsplash defines the space in the open-plan room, turning it into a functional focal point. Continue to 8 of 22 below.

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Having a streamlined and organized pantry can be the key piece to making sure your kitchen is running efficiently. Take a look at how Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada can upgrade your pantry! Skip to content Get Started; Locations; Franchising; Blog; Make Room for Life. 1-888-THE-CLOSET. Home. Closet. Wall Beds. Office. Garage. Pantry.

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Measure Everything Twice. First use a tape measure to get the length, width, and height of the space under the stairs. It is vital to know how much actual space you have for a pantry underneath your stairs. It would be frustrating to plan for a walk-in pantry when there is only space for a slide-out option. Next, your pantry needs to be able to.

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We put a larger plastic shelf in the tallest part of the pantry (pictured above). It fit under the existing shelf/closet rod. We put a clear plastic bin on the floor next to the shelf. That's what we're using to store flour. We used multi-purpose bins from The Container Store to organize some of our canned goods.

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1. Build a breakfast station. (Image credit: Martin Moore) If the staircase is set away from the main hub of the kitchen, consider how to use the space to your advantage. Here, a dedicated breakfast bar idea and drinks station away from the main cooking zone allows guests and children to safely help themselves.

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TRADITIONAL. This clever under-stair storage solution by mandylawrenceinteriordesign features a built-in pantry with pull-out shelves, maximizing storage space while keeping your kitchen essentials organized and easily accessible. The rustic wood finish and decorative tiles make it a charming addition to any home.

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How to organize an under stairs pantry. Corral like things together. Corral all your baking items together in one place. Do the same for cooking, spices, breakfast, canned vegetables, canned fruit, bottles of water and juice and so on. Next, remove any items from the rest of your cupboards which belong with any of the above ingredients and put.

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a small pantry under the stairs, with built-in shelves, cubbies, containers and boxes is a cool idea for a modern home. a small staircase pantry with a sliding door, a shelving system and plastic containers for a seamless and sleek look. a small staircase pantry with built-in shelves and a large open storage unit, baskets and plastic and glass.

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1. Create a space-efficient home office. (Image credit: Neville Johnson) 'For those looking to make the most of every inch of space in their home, the humble staircase is often an underutilized area,' says Hutcheson. 'If an additional workspace would be beneficial consider creating a dedicated desk area. Incorporating plenty of storage, drawers.

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Here's how we made this under stairs pantry with a DIY sliding barn door: First, we decided that the barn door would need to slide to the left so that it wouldn't cover the light switches and thermostat to the right of the under stairs nook. That's when we decided that the shorter portion of the nook would need to be covered when the barn.

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Hidden pantry under the stair. Kathryn Shaffer Architect. This photo shows a kitchen pantry that was built to utilize space under a stair with shallow cabinets at the top, deep pull out shelves on the bottom and folding shelves in the middle. Built by Norman Charles, designed while an employee of M.A. Architects.

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Narrow slide-outs (pictured above) are open on both sides and make use of awkward space.. Under-the-Stairs Pantry. Gina Biancaniello. Tucked under the stairs, this hideaway makes creative use of former dead space, complete with push-latch doors that blend with the paneled wall, shallow built-in shelves, lighting, and a baking cart that rolls.

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First, calculate the potential space under the stairs and then decide how you'd like to use it. Plan the layout, install the doors, shelving, and light, and then finish it off with a fresh coat of paint. Creating a pantry under the stairs is a perfect home makeover project. It doesn't have to be expensive, and you can safely do it alone.

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3-Shelf Shelving Unit. ยฃ30 at Amazon. For tight spaces, you need narrower storage racks. This sturdy three-shelf unit should slot against the shorter walls in your under-stairs cupboard, giving.

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8. The kitchen under the stairs is a kitchen and an area for dining and relaxation. 9. Another advantage of having this type of kitchen under the stairs is saving more money from buying new furniture. You can put everything to use! 10. You can use granite countertops for the dining table. 11. The kitchen under the stairs looks very clean and.