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Small Simple Things of Life Bottle Trees

Not a bottle tree - yet. Bottle Tree. Pitchfork bottle tree. Bottle tree supports should be sturdy and long lasting. Step 3: Find some bottles. Not a bottle tree. Step 4: Stick the bottles on the support. This is a bottle tree. Add-on: Many bottle trees are topped with a special-flourish finial.

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Bottle trees are a centuries old tradition believed to have started in the late 1700's on the West African coast, where bottles were combined with tree branches. They were believed to ward off evil spirits. Bottle trees have been spotted all over the South since the 1800's and showcase the creativity of Southerners in their front yards.

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A bottle tree can be made of a variety of different materials — posts with dowels driven into the sides, pieces of steel rebar welded together, or a real tree (in the Southeastern U.S., the tree traditionally used for this purpose is the crepe myrtle). The bottles are often made of blue glass, though you see bottle trees sporting glass of all.

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Bottle trees, often referred to as "poor man's stained glass," can also be made from wooden posts with large nails, welded metal rods, or bottles simply stuck on the tines of an upended pitch fork, Rushing says. You can use any color bottle, but blue ones are considered the best, because of their centuries-old association with ghosts and.

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Brachychiton rupestris (commonly known as the narrow-leaved bottle tree or Queensland bottle tree) is a tree in the family Malvaceae, endemic to Queensland, Australia. Described by Sir Thomas Mitchell and John Lindley in 1848, it earned its name from its bulbous trunk, which can be up to 3.5 metres (11 ft) in diameter at breast height (DBH). Reaching around 10-25 metres (33-82 ft) high.

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Bottle trees grow best in well drained, slightly acidic soil, in full sunshine but they can also withstand temperatures of -8 degrees up to +50 degrees celsius. If you're looking for a feature.

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Growing QLD Bottle Tree from Seeds. Prepare well-drained containers for your seeds and fill them with a moist potting medium mixed with a quality seed-raising mix. Sow seeds about 1.5 cm deep and mist lightly after sowing. Place the containers somewhere warm and sheltered and keep the soil slightly moist at all times.

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Hang a jar in a tree and add colored water. Place a series of metal rods in the ground, and place a single bottle on each. Place bottles directly onto old trees in your yard. Buy a witch ball. These were hung in cottage windows in 18th century England to ward off evil spirits and come in many pretty colors.

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Bottle trees today are more commonly made with a metal frame (usually being rebar or copper pipe) or a simple 4×4 with nails long enough to hold wine bottles. Choosing Bottles. Any wine, beer, or liquor bottle will work. Cobalt blue bottles are very popular. You can often find very attractive glass liquid soap dispensers at homeware retailers.

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Types of Bottlebrush . Callistemon citrinus: Lemon Bottlebrush.Shrub or tree. Zones USDA 8-11.Most commonly grown bottlebrush; most tolerant of heat, cold, and poor soils. Massive shrub to 10-15 ft. tall and wide, but with staking and pruning in youth easily trained into narrowish, round-headed, 20- to 25-ft. tree. Nurseries offer it as a shrub, espalier, or tree.

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Make a bottle tree out of a square or round fence post. Dig a hole in your yard and pour a concrete base. Insert the post into the ground and allow it to dry. Screw holes around each side of the tree intermittently. Use a drill at a downward angle, ensuring you extend each hole at least three inches (7.5cm) inward.

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Bottle Trees. Spend any time at all driving through Appalachia or parts of the American South, especially in rural areas, and you may get a glimpse of the phenomenon known as the bottle tree. Typically made from blue bottles, the bottle tree is said to trap evil spirits and keep them out of your home.

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In the South, bottle trees became intertwined with folk beliefs. According to legend, glass bottles had the power to attract and capture evil spirits at night. Spirits would become mesmerized by the bottles' vivid colors and reflections, trapping them until the morning sunlight destroyed them. Bottle trees were placed near homes and gardens for.