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Instructions. Heat a pan. Add in 2 tbsp sesame oil. Saute the garlic until aromatic. Add in the minced cabbage, carrot, chives, and mushrooms. Once the vegetables are tender, mix in the pumpkin or other starchy vegetable. Add in the soy sauce, curry powder, and salt to taste.

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The wontons freeze remarkably well. Simply lay the wontons on a tray and place them in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes, to set. Transfer to a freezer bag, and use within one month. Make Veggie Wonton Soup: In a 4-quart saucepot add the vegetable broth, water, and soy sauce and bring to a boil over medium-high heat.

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Combine the mashed tofu and vegetables with the egg; add the soy sauce, ginger, sugar, and sesame oil. and gently mix together. Heat the oil for deep-frying while you are wrapping the wontons. The oil should be heated to between 360 F and 375 F. To fill the wontons, lay a wrapper in front of you so that it forms a diamond shape.

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Instructions. Preheat the oven to 425°F. Warm the sesame oil in a large wok or nonstick pan over medium-high heat. Wait a minute or two for the pan and oil to heat, then add the onions and garlic. Sauté for a few minutes, or until the onions begin to soften. Add the carrots, asparagus, and mushrooms, and mix together.

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Preheat the oven to 400 F. Line a baking sheet with parchment, then spray parchment with oil. In a large bowl, combine the cream cheese, vegetables, sesame oil, and soy sauce until well combined.

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Sauté the scallions and garlic over medium for 30 seconds or until aromatic. Add in the mushrooms and cook for 1-2 minutes. You can leave them untouched to lightly brown. Pour in 6 cups of vegetable stock. Add in the soy sauce, sugar, and pepper. Cover the pot and leave to simmer over medium high heat until it boils.

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Dip your fingertip into the cornstarch water and coat all four edges of the wonton wrapper. Spoon 1 heaping teaspoon of the vegetable mixture in the center of the wrapper. Fold the wrapper in half, away from you, to form a triangle. Press the edges firmly together. Fold in the left corner over the center, then fold in the right corner on top.

10 Tasty Baked Wonton Recipes Using Wonton Wrappers

Vegetable wontons: Add shredded cabbage and rehydrated dried shiitakes, finely chopped, to the above tofu veg mixture for delicious vegetarian wontons. Vegan cream cheese: Combine 8oz vegan cream cheese with 2-3 tbsp green onions, soy sauce or salt, and garlic powder (to taste). For a spicy version, add some hot sauce.

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Set aside to hydrate, about 10 minutes. Heat a skillet over medium heat, add the oil, scallion, garlic, ginger, and red pepper. Sauté for about 30-60 seconds. Add the hydrated TVP and sauté about 3 minutes until its lightly browned. Mix in the soy sauce, then taste and add salt if desired.

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Cook the wonton. Fill a small stockpot with 3 cups of water or vegetable stock and bring it to a boil. Season with salt, pepper, mushrooms seasoning, and toasted sesame oil. Add the vegetables and seaweed. Cook until the vegetables are as crisp-tender as you like. Keep this soup over low heat while you cook the wonton.

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Bring broth to a boil on medium high heat. Add veggies. Lower heat to medium and cook for a few minutes until tender. Add shrimp (if using) and baby spinach in the last 3 minutes. Add seasonings like soy sauce, sesame oil, chili flakes or sriracha, herbs, etc.

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Instructions. Sweat the cabbage and onion down in the oil over a gentle heat for around 15 minutes or so, until the cabbage is cooked through. If it starts catching at all splash a little water in to loosen it up again. Add the rest of the ingredients, stir well and let cook for 5 more minutes. Set up a little bowl of water and a damp tea towel.

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Once hot, add in the onion and garlic, for 2 minutes. Add in the carrot and mushrooms. Sauté for another 3 minutes until tender. Add in the crumbled tofu, soy sauce, pepper, and salt, to taste. Mix well and leave to cook over medium high heat for 2 minutes. Add in the cornstarch and mix until well incorporated.

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In a small bowl, combine the carrots, scallions, ginger and garlic. Stir well to combine. On each of the wonton wrappers, add 1 tablespoon of the carrot mixture. Moisten the edges of the wontons with water using a clean fingertip and fold into a triangle shape. Press together the edges of the wonton wrapper to seal.

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Step 1: Prepare the Butternut Squash Appetizer Filling. Roast the squash. Toss the squash with two tablespoons of olive oil, maple syrup, and ½ teaspoon salt. Spread it out on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Roast in the oven at 375° F, stirring once or twice.

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Directions: Mix together all the ingredients of the dipping sauce in a bowl. Set aside until ready to use. Mix cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, tofu, garlic, and ginger in a bowl. Add the chopped cilantro and scallions to it and mix. Add hakka noodle masala, soy sauce, chili vinegar, sesame oil, and sriracha.